April Games

Ticked off a couple of completions and played a few games. Most importantly though, my lightguns arrived so I can start feeling guilty that I’m not playing with them enough considering what they cost…

Games completed this month

Alan Wake II - January Games

Alan Wake 2 – PS5

As suspected / definitely already known last month, I finished Alan Wake 2 at the start of April. What a fantastic game, the blend of live action and music to the game hasn’t been so well done since 7th Guest. Mildly tongue in cheek perhaps, but the technology has come quite a way since I was playing on the Philips CD-i.

Hades – Xbox Series X

I completed my first run on Hades last month. I played a few more hours, but didn’t clear it again. Seems I’m a bit inconsistent with the various weapons. Unlike with Dead Cells, Hades doesn’t have me itching to keep progressing though, and I lost interest. Very much enjoyed myself getting that far, but I’m done now.

Games played during April

Sea of Stars - April Games

Sea of Stars – Xbox Series X

Made a bit of a start with this after wrapping up Alan Wake 2. I do like the setting and combat, but hasn’t quite got its hooks into me yet.

Diablo 4 – Xbox Series X / S

My girlfriend and I have started playing this in co-op. I’m playing a necromancer and her a druid. We’re not all that far in and enjoying it so far. I’m glad it’s on GamePass though, not sure I’d have paid for it.

Forgive Me Father – SteamDeck

I haven’t spent long with this, but have picked it up a couple of times for a quick bash on the SteamDeck. It’s good fun if a little simplistic. Probably wouldn’t play if it wasn’t for the theme, and I’ll see if I stick with it before I decide to pick up the sequel.

Dredge - April Games

Dredge – Xbox Series X

This was also an April pick up, but I’ve already played it quite a bit so should include it here. Another Lovecraftian game, this one a much better game in its own right. Fishing up eldritch horrors has never been so much fun.

What’s been on the arcade?

Sinden Light Guns – Arcade

Well my guns arrived! I’ve barely used them yet though. Dabbled with one on my main pc just to test, and had it playing nicely with House of the Dead Remake. I can already tell it’ll be a faff to use them regularly on my PC though, since it’d mean changing the display settings everytime I want to play. Next project is setting them up on my TV.

April pick ups

VR Bundle - April Games

VR: Mysteries and Mayhem Humble Bundle – PCVR

Grabbed this for 7th Guest VR & Firmament which were both kind of on my wishlist. I’m not sure how I feel about VR going forward, but these should work with my existing setup I’ll hopefully at least get to play them even if I don’t continue to invest in the hardware.

Alex Kidd DX - April Games

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX – Xbox Series X

Don’t think this was very well received when it came out, but I adore the original game and it felt worth the gamble for a couple of quid on sale.

Sea of Survivors - April Games

Sea of Survivors – SteamDeck

Vampire Survivors via pirate ship? I’m in. Also didn’t hurt that it was only £2.

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