January Games

Progress! A decent winter break (including 3 weeks of garden leave while I changed jobs) gave me time to get on with some games.

Games completed this month

Octopath Traveler II - PS5

Octopath Traveler 2 – PS5

Yes! Finally completed this epic after 111 hours. I haven’t quite got the platinum trophy though. One optional boss fight for 100% completion. It’s a bit much though so I’m parking it for now to play some other stuff.

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting - Xbox Series X

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting DLC – Xbox Series X

As long as they keep releasing DLC for Vampire Survivors, I’ll keep clearing them. This was a log of fun, even if all the Among Us references were entirely wasted on me.

Games played during January

Fortnite - January Games

Fortnite – PC

Didn’t really play much, but after watching my niece play over Christmas I was at least interested enough to install it. Thought I might play more but I haven’t been back.

Alan Wake II - January Games

Alan Wake 2 – PS5

I’m playing my friend’s copy of this. Really enjoying it and want to continue. It’s a bit scary though and my progress is really slow. Keep hiding in safe rooms instead of actually moving forward.

Humanity - PS5

Humanity – PSVR2

Spent a bit of time playing with my friend’s PSVR2 setup. First thing I tried was my own game, Humanity. I’d heard a lot about how transformative VR is supposed to be for this, but to be honest I was a bit disappointed. It’s still an incredible game, just better played on the TV.

Beat Saber - January Games

Beat Saber – PSVR2

At least my first time playing one of the stand out VR titles of recent years didn’t disappoint. I like the PSVR2 hardware but not convinced it’s essential. If I do go for a new headset I think it’ll be the Quest 3 standalone one for the wireless streaming from my PC.

The Knight Witch - Xbox Series X

The Knight Witch – Xbox Series X

Made some progress on The Knight Witch, I am enjoying it though some of the collision detection seems a bit harsh. A few times where I’ve died and not been convinced bullets actually hit me. Does deliver on the promise though, it’s a bullet-hell, twin-stick shmup, metroidvania. If those terms mean anything to you, you’ll know exactly what to expect. If not, maybe just go look at some gameplay footage.

Renfield - November Games

Renfield – Steam Deck

Spoiler for the pick ups section, but playing this game last month kinda pushed me over the edge into buying a Steam Deck. The whole genre of Vampire Survivor clones is perfect for the Deck, and I’ve really embraced it.

20 Minutes Till Dawn - January Games

20 Minutes Until Dawn – Steam Deck

Another Vampire Survivors clone that I picked up last year and played a bit of. Enjoying it much more now I have the deck.

Half-Life - PC

Half Life – Steam Deck

Valve released a free update for the original Half Life to improve how it runs on modern machines, and to optimise it for the Steam Deck. Perfect time to replay it and revisit the glory days of 90s fps games as I’ve recently been back to Quake 1 and 2 as well.

What’s been on the arcade?

Towards the end of the month I got it into my head that I’m going to 1cc Super Fantasy Zone on my cabinet. Since it’s a mega drive game it would make more sense to do that on the actual console but here we are. Annoyingly if I was playing on console I’d have proper hardware rapid fire which makes some of the bosses a breeze. As it is we’re sticking with the game’s own auto-fire setting.

January pick ups

Steam Deck

As mentioned above, this was the main gaming purchase for Jan. Thankfully a friend sold me his second-hand for a good price. It’s the mid-range of the original model, very happy with it so far.

God of Weapons – Steam Deck

Another Vampire Survivors Clone that I’d heard good things about and wanted for the deck.

Brotato – Steam Deck

See above.

Moons of Madness – PC / Steam Deck

Had my eye on this for a while, and managed to get a Steam key for a couple of quid. Not sure yet if I’ll play it on the Steam Deck or the PC.

Aggelos – Xbox Series X

Friend recommended this Wonder Boy type game as it was on sale for ridiculously cheap. Looks nice so will hopefully get to it.

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