January Games

January Games

Off to a respectable start, four completions already, progress on one of the games from my 2023 list, and several new games picked up.

Games completed this month

Tales of Vesperia - Definitive Edition

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition – Nintendo Switch

Finished the main story of this at the start of the month. I did enjoy it overall, but I don’t feel compelled to go and do the extra content for 100%. The lack of proper tracking for side quests etc feels like too much of a chore. Might be a little while before I fancy trying any of the other older “Tales” games, although I am interested if they do a new one after Tales of Arise.

I played the Switch version, but you can get that, or Xbox and PlayStation versions here from Amazon*. It seems much cheaper on the other consoles, but it is much less digitally too.

Halo 4 - January 2023

Halo 4 – Xbox Series X

My friend and I managed to roll credits playing online co-op on Halo 4 on the Master Chief Collection. Very much enjoyed that, Halo 5 next, although we’ll take a break to play something else first. So far I think peak Halo for me was the run of Halo 3, ODST and Reach.

Warioware: Get it together

WarioWare: Get it together! – Nintendo Switch

Played through the full story mode of this over two sessions at a friend’s house. Mostly so that we could unlock all the content on her copy for potential 4-player sessions. Not sure if they’ll happen but the 2-player story was entertaining at least.

Dead Cells - December Games

Dead Cells – Xbox Series X

Pleased to say that after my brief plays in December this did get it’s hooks in me, and on my 12th try I cleared the boss and rolled credits for my first completion. Granted to actually complete the game takes something like 6 complete runs on increasing difficulties. However, I can’t see me managing that, so counting this initial completion to give myself permission to quit when I’m bored. I did manage to get to the ‘last’ boss again on the next difficulty though so I’m not quite done yet. I will still be all over that Castlevania DLC as soon as it’s out.

I’m playing on Xbox because it’s on GamePass, although if it hadn’t been I probably would have gone for the Switch edition* as it’s the perfect type of game to take when you’re travelling.

Games played during January

Harvestella - Nintendo Switch

Harvestella – Nintendo Switch

I did buy this in January so could have put this in the pick ups instead, but I have already made a decent amount of progress in the story so it makes more sense here. Unlike the story, which does not make any sense at all, like a proper JRPG. This is the new game for my RPG group though following on from Tales of Vesperia. Hopefully we’ll all finish this one, not just me.

I think it’s also availble on PC, but I’m playing the Switch version. It is still pretty new, so I bought it physical, so I can sell it on when I’m done. I picked it up reduced in GAME, but is also available on Amazon*.

Gears 5 - January Games

Gears 5 – Xbox Series X

Following our successful completion of Halo 5, my friend and I have returned to the Gears of War franchise. We’ve played a couple of sessions so far. Mostly it feels good, like the game we’re used to. I’m a bit concerned about an open world style section in Act 2, hopefully there isn’t too much more of that to come.

What’s been on the arcade?

September Arcade

Ten pence arcade picked another ropey looking game for January, so I ignored that and am hoping they go for another shmup for February. In the meantime I’ve been playing a mix of X-Men: Children of the Atom and Super Street Fighter 2 on the cab. Both games have silent attract modes so I can leave it running while I’m working to jump on for a credit during breaks.

Pick ups during January

The A500 Mini

The A500 Mini

Convinced myself I needed one of these. Only my second ‘mini’ system, joining my Core Grafx Mini that I also heartily recommend. I don’t have a great affinity for the Amiga, never owned one of the main machines but do have fond memories of some of the library from playing at friends’ houses. I did own a CD32 however, so it’s nice to be able to play some of those games on here too. Why they chose to replicate the CD32 controller for it though is beyond me. That’s one of the worst pads I’ve ever used.

The mini itself is a delight to use though, and it was straightforward to add a collection of additional games to it via USB stick. Now I just have to play them.

I got mine from Argos, but it is a bit cheaper on Amazon* currently. It has dropped below £90 on there recently too.

The Darkness II - Xbox 360

The Darkness II – Xbox 360

Another game I’ve bought several times for different systems and not got round to playing. It dropped to a couple of quid in the Xbox sale, so I grabbed it hoping I’ll get round to trying it on the Series X. I loved the first game so we’ll see.

Blasphemous - January Games


A friend has been going on about this for a while, I do love a metroidvania and my recent joy playing Dead Cells weakened me to the idea of this one. I’m still wary of the “soulslike” combat though. At least it was cheap.

Task Force Kampas - January Games

Task Force Kampas

Another recommendation, this was silly cheap and although it looks ridiculous in the trailer, I am assured that it is good fun.

Dead Cells DLC

Dead Cells DLC Bundle

Although the main game is on GamePass, I did also buy this bundle of DLC content. It’s all the expansions so far, and for a tenner is a great purchase. The content is accessible straight away, and adds extra routes through the game. I think once you’ve decided you like the game enough to keep playing, it’s worth grabbing this bundle before you play more.

*As usual, these links are affiliate ones, which may earn me a small commission if you buy something.

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