July Games 2022

July Games

A good amount of gaming done, completions and more. Even bought a few new ones for a change…

Games completed this month

Ni No Kuni - April Games

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Nintendo Switch

In July I wrapped up my completion on this. Both the original ending with the credits roll, and then finishing off all the additional errands and bounties after. Excellent. Now just waiting for my group to both finish and we can start the next one.

At present it might still be on sale on the eshop, but if it’s back to full price or you’d rather have a physical copy, it’s available here from Amazon*.

Until Dawn - PlayStation 4/5

Until Dawn – PlayStation 5

My girlfriend and I completed our playthrough of this, really enjoyed it again. Lining up the Dark Pictures Anthology games to play next.

It’s quite old now, and regularly on sale digitally. Amazon* do still have the physical copy though.

Betrayal Legacy - Board Game

Betrayal Legacy

Okay so this is a board game, but since it had a full campaign that we played over 11 months I decided to include it here. My legacy board game group finished the story in July, and we were successful (although it was touch and go for a minute and came down to one last re-roll). Really enjoyed playing, and it’s nice that I now have a customised version of Betrayal that can be played for individual sessions. May be a while before I want to do that again though.

Think it may be out of print as my preferred stores don’t have this now, and there are copies on eBay for over £100. The 3rd Edition of the non-legacy edition is available here* though if you’re interested in the theme.

Games played during July

Forza Hot Wheels - July Games

Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels – Xbox Series X

The new expansion arrived and it’s great fun. I loved the Hot Wheels pack for Forza Horizon 3, and didn’t think they’d do it again. The content is pretty similar but that’s to be expected. I’ve been playing this, and still doing the weekly seasonal stuff in the main game.

Again I’m playing on GamePass, but if you would prefer to own it on disc you can buy it here*. If you are on GamePass like me, this bundle of extras* includes both Hot Wheels and the next expansion as well as other content like extra cars.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 – Xbox Series X

My recent return to Forza Horizon has seen me looking back at the older games too. Realised there is still quite a bit I didn’t do in Horizon 4 and its expansions, so I’ve been dabbling in that in between sessions on 5.

It’s still on GamePass, but also quite cheap here* if you don’t have that and want to check it out.

Ragna Rock VR

Ragna Rock – PC VR

I picked this up in a bundle of VR games a while back and never got round to trying it. One of the games I picked up this month reminded me I’d bought it so decided to boot it up. This is great fun, beating drums with hammers in time to the music to make your Viking warriors row faster.

What’s been on the arcade?

Arcade Speakers

I still didn’t play as much as I wanted to, but the new ten pence arcade game, Tinkle Pit, was new to me. It’s a fun maze game, and I think I’ll probably come back to it.

July Pick-ups

Dark Pictures Anthology - Little Hope

Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope – PS4

The first Anthology game “Man of Medan” was free on PS+ this month, so I grabbed it as it’ll be perfect to play next now we’ve finished with Until Dawn. I noticed this second game was on sale for £10 as well so I bought it ready. If we enjoy these I’ll look to pick up the other two games.

Audioshield - July Games

Audioshield – PC VR

This is the game I picked up that reminded me I owned Ragna Rock. It’s another music/rhythm game, and was only a couple of quid to buy in the Steam VR sale. Didn’t find it as much fun as Ragna Rock though so not sure I’ll stick with it.

Half Life Alyx - July Games

Half Life Alyx – PC VR

It was about time I bought this, still regarded as one of the best VR games available. Now I just have to find time to play it.

Death Smiles 1 & 2 - Switch

Death Smiles 1&2 – Switch

A bit of an impulse buy because this popped up for a good price as a physical edition. I really enjoyed the first Death Smiles game back on the Xbox 360, and I did also pick it up on PC so I could still play it. However I never tried the second game and it has been very expensive to buy on Xbox now. Not even sure if it is backwards compatible on the Series S/X anyway. I prefer to play shmups on my arcade machine, but since the Pi4 isn’t up to handling these games I thought I’d take a punt.

Games Retired this month

Seems a while since I’ve retired any, but these two were lurking around on my “currently playing” list and I just don’t think I’m going back to them.

Blacksad - July Games

Blacksad – PS4

A bit sorry to give up on this, but it’s just so slow and clunky that I wasn’t enjoying it. Such a shame as I wanted to love it. The world and the character are great. Maybe I’ll just read the comics again.

Nanotale - July Games

Nanotype – PC

Similarly I’m not sure why I never finished this one, it just didn’t hook me like the previous game although all the elements are there.

*As usual, these links are affiliate ones, which may earn me a small commission if you buy something.

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