June Games

June Games

Few more games completed in June including one pretty much by accident. Oh and a bit of a relapse… Oops.

Games completed this month

McPixel 3 - July Games

McPixel 3 – Xbox Series X

This is the sort of accidental completion. I have been using this game for it’s abundance of achievements to progress the daily Microsoft Reward challenges. These have pretty much funded my GamePass Ultimate subscription for a while, and the game is amusing. I was quite surprised when the credits rolled because I’d finished it, but there we are. There are still achievements left though so I shall continue, and maybe even 100% it.

Atari 50 - June Games

Atari 50: the Anniversary Celebration – Xbox Series X

A weird thing to record as a completion, but decided to since it is presented as a sort of ‘play-a-long’ documentary. Over the course of about 3 hours I went through the Atari timeline, which includes archive video footage and interviews, photos and other resources. As you go along, the games that are being discussed are playable so you can check them out before moving on. The format is excellent.

I picked this up digitally, but there are decent prices for physical console editions here*

God of War: Ragnarok - May Games

God of War: Ragnar̦k РPS5

Managed to finish the story this month. Really enjoyed this sequel, but not sure I’ll do any more of the side open world stuff. I remember saying I was going to do that with the last game when I rolled credits, but I never loaded that up again either.

Picked this one up physical myself, mostly knowing that I’ll trade it in now I’ve finished it. Available on Amazon*

It Takes Two - May Games

It Takes Two – Xbox Series S

We completed It Takes Two, the decision now is to whether we should go back and find the mini games we missed, or move on to something else.

Played on GamePass – but if discs are your thing*…

Alan Wake 2: Night Springs - July Games

Alan Wake 2: Night Springs – PS5

I played my friends copy of Alan Wake 2 when she generously shared her game library with me. It seems she had also bought the Deluxe Edition, so when the new DLC content surprise released this month, it popped up on my console to play. The whole thing is about 2.5 hours long, and is presented as 3 episodes of the in-game TV show “Night Springs” (it’s a kind of weird anthology series like The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits). It’s all good fun and in keeping with the tone of the game, and the final part of it is superb.

Games played during June

Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story - June Games

Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story – SteamDeck

From the same team that brought us the Atari 50 collection above, this is presented in the same style. Jeff Minter and Llamasoft has long been my favourite developer, so this was a guaranteed pick up for me. It runs really well on the SteamDeck so I started going through it a bit on there while I was away for a few days. The documentary elements are really good, but the extra shine here is having some of my favourite games on the go.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Remix

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Remix- PC

Well, I returned. I’ve included the purchase below anyway, but also putting here since I’ve already put 20+ hours in. I had been meaning to play Dragonflight when I picked it up, but have found myself playing the new Timerunner content, “Mists of Pandaria Remix”. I don’t know how long I’ll stick with it again, but if I’m still enjoying it there is a strong chance I’ll grab the new expansion in August.

Games purchased in June

Welcome to Azeroth - June Games

World of Warcraft: Welcome to Azeroth – PC

After seeing the trailer for the next WoW expansion “The War Within” which is due in August, I knew I was at risk of considering a return to the game. Enter Blizzard with this perfectly timed “Welcome to Azeroth” bundle, which lumped 2 months of game time, a character boost and the last expansion “Dragonflight” together. The last expansion I played was “Legion” so I have plenty of content to visit. If I can stop playing the Pandaria event.

*As usual, these links are affiliate ones (if I’ve actually included any), which may earn me a small commission if you buy something.

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