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May Games

Late again posting for this month, but did at least do some gaming. And buying.

Games completed this month

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly - May Games

Coffee Talk Episode 2 – Xbox Series X

Enjoyed the return to the coffee shop visual novel game with this sequel. It was very much more of the same, fun though nonetheless. I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but was very happy to play it as part of my Game Pass sub.

Guilty Gear Strive - May Games

Guilty Gear Strive – Xbox Series X

Been on a bit of a fighting game kick (chuckle) in the hype for Street Fighter 6. This is one of several on Game Pass, so I gave it a play. Recorded a completion simply for doing a 1 credit clear on the arcade mode. It counts for me anyway.

Games played during May

Tell Me Why - April Games

Tell Me Why – Xbox Series X

Haven’t made a lot of progress with this really, but haven’t given up yet. I think Coffee Talk stole the time I would have spent with it, I’m a bit thinly spread on games again now.

Octopath Traveler II - 2023 in Games

Octopath Traveller 2 – PlayStation 5

Still not playing Octopath Traveller 2 as much as I expected either, but I am ticking along. I really enjoy it when I do get on the PS5, and I’m very much enjoying the improvements over the original game.

It’s on Switch and PS4 as well, which may suit. I was glad to get another reason to play some PS5 though, and picked up this physical edition*.

Street Fighter 6 Demo - April Games

Street Fighter 6 Open Beta – PlayStation 5

The open beta was a much better experience than the 2 character single player demo. Great to get a bit of a feel for ranked fights, and using my normal main, Ken. Very much looking forward to this now.

What’s been on the arcade?

September Arcade

Ten Pence Arcade were playing Super Hang-On this month, I did play a fair amount of it on the cab, trying to struggle with the digital controls. I didn’t get very far.

Pick ups during May

Spider-Man Remastered - May Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered – PS5

This has been on my want list for ages, but it wasn’t available standalone, only as part of the Miles Morales Ultimate Edition. Updating to the UE from my normal copy was £20, which seemed a bit much when I already had the Spider-Man GOTY edition on PS4 that runs well enough on PS5 anyway. This month they finally made it available standalone though, and even better, it was only £5 for owners of the PS4 game. Might even replay it a bit now ahead of the sequel coming out (hopefully) later this year.

Pac-Man CE2 Plus - May Games

Pac-man Champion Edition 2+ – Nintendo Switch

I have this on a couple of other systems already, but since I now have a 4-way stick for Switch, I thought I’d play it more there. Especially since I’ve heard that they’re ending Pac-Man 99 in October.


Street Fighter 6 - May Games

Street Fighter 6 – Xbox Series X

Finally picked somewhere to pre-order. I went for the digital version from Shopto, easily the cheapest available at the time. I also only needed the standard edition, there was nothing in the Ultimate Edition I was worried about. I’m just going to be using Ken for the duration, so no need to buy any more characters.

*As usual, these links are affiliate ones, which may earn me a small commission if you buy something.

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