Feeling Strangely Fine - Semisonic

Semisonic – Feeling Strangely Fine – Perfect Album #7

With “Feeling Strangely Fine*”, we are up to number seven, and approaching the last stretch. If you’re new to this series, please do check out my original “ten perfect albums” post first, then hopefully read all the others too.


I think I discovered Semisonic at the same time as a lot of other people in the UK, around the time they released “Secret Smile”. It was their biggest hit here, and I’m still surprised it didn’t break the top 10.

The song was all over the radio during summer 1999 and clearly stuck with me as I found myself asking for the album for Christmas that year. I think one of my sisters, either Heather or Helen, bought it for me. Probably Helen as I’m pretty sure she likes them too.

Standout Songs

Closing Time

This was a much bigger hit elsewhere in the world than it was in the UK. Although it was released first, I don’t think I heard it till after I was already familiar with Secret Smile.

Closing Time sets the tone for the album, and the opening riff feels like a comfortable old shirt.

So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exits 
I hope you have found a friend

Secret Smile

While the implied double-entendre of the lyrics is ever present, it is subtle enough that you could happily interpret “Secret Smile” as a simple love song. You present a version of yourself to the world, but there is that someone where you can be the real ‘you’.

Once you hear Semisonic’s single “Get a Grip” from their third album however, you kind of have to assume the more lewd interpretations are what they were intending.

Secret Smile is still a great song though, and if like me you mostly ignore the third album, it can retain that original innocence.

Nobody knows it but you’ve got a secret smile 
And you use it only for me

Singing In My Sleep

And all the stars 
Play for me 
Say the promise you long to keep


How like you to make me want to stay forever 
Here behind your door

Relationship with the album

This was the original “perfect album”, and to myself and the same buddy for whom The Streets is #TheArtist, Feeling Strangely Fine is simply #TheAlbum. Unlike with other albums in this list, I find it hard to recommend ‘if you weren’t there’. It’s also the best example of how “perfect album” differs from “favourite album”. While I do love this album, I doubt it would make a Top Ten album list of simply my favourites.

Listening to Feeling Strangely Fine takes me to the few years after finishing high school, but before I moved “down South”. Funny though, when I listen, in my memories it is always sunny. Given that those years were in Stoke-on-Trent, England, that seems very unlikely.


As with Glasvegas, I’m the worst kind of Semisonic fan. I was convinced for years that this was their first album, and never got round to picking up the first one “Great Divide” even after I found out about it. I did pick up the third album “All About Chemistry”, but never took to that either.

I don’t think I’m really a Semisonic fan at all, merely a fan of this excellent album.

Other albums and songs


This is decent enough, but to be honest I just wanted to add something here, without resorting to “Get a Grip”.


Though I can’t really say I’m a Semisonic fan, this remains a beloved album. I will continue to listen to Feeling Strangely Fine several times a year, and be grateful to them for its creation. It is perfect.

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