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September Games 2022

September Games

September and October are always busy months for me, managed to be later than usual with this too. I have played a few things in the pockets of downtime though.

Games completed this month

Escape Academy - September Games

Escape Academy – Xbox Series X

Another surprise gem on GamePass. A series of fully realised escape rooms to play through. Very much enjoyed it. Not a very long game but good fun. I think it would be easier playing with someone else, but using a pen and paper to note down solutions worked pretty well.

Games played during September

Tales of Vesperia - Definitive Edition

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition – Nintendo Switch

We’re well underway with the new JRPG. It took a little getting into but I’m really enjoying it now.

Destiny 2 Witch Queen - Xbox Series X

Destiny 2 – PC & Xbox Series X

Played quite a bit of this in September, mostly progressing the Witch Queen story, but friends helped me with the content from the 30th Anniversary pack I had on PC so I’m pretty much just playing on Xbox now.

Animal Crossing - August Games

Animal Crossing New Horizons – Nintendo Switch

Not playing every day but I have been dropping in most weeks again with Animal Crossing.

Halo 4 - August 2022

Halo 4 (Master Chief Collection) – Xbox Series X

Had another session on this with my friend, we’re making slow progress, but it’s happening. Optimistic we’ll see the full campaign through. Must book in some more time to play.

Little Hope - September Games

Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope – PS5

My girlfriend and I are playing this one in the same ‘pass the controller’ style as we did with Man of Medan. Don’t think we’re too far into it yet, but I’m enjoying the creepy old town vibe.

Street Fighter 6 - September Games

Street Fighter 6 – PS5

September also saw me attend two days of EGX. Time mostly spent drinking and hanging out with a friend and we did play a few retro games together. The only new game they had that I was interested in was Street Fighter 6. Pleased to say it seems great so far and I’ll definitely be picking it up. I’d like to get it on PS5, although unless the crossplay is really well implemented I may need to move to Xbox for it, and potentially invest in a new fightstick.

What’s been on the arcade?

September Arcade

The Ten Pence Arcade game this month was the side scrolling brawler, The Punisher. This is a game I’ve spent quite a bit of time with previously so have enjoyed jumping back in. Unusually I was also quite competitive on the leaderboards for this too.

September Pick-ups

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand – Xbox 360

I played this on the 360 originally and really enjoyed it. It’s now backwards compatible on the Series X and a friend has expressed an interest in playing co-operatively so I’ve picked it up again. Can’t wait to tear things up as Lloyd Banks.

80s Overdrive - September Games

80s Overdrive – Nintendo Switch

This month’s gamble on a ridiculously cheap sale. These games in the style of 80s or 90s era arcade racing games are very common, but this one looked worth checking out, and was around £1.

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