The difficult second blog post…*

*I am aware that this could well be the most common title for a second post in blogging history…

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while.  Well, I’ve been thinking broadly about the kinds of things I would like to write about on the blog, and where I might start.  So far the only enlightenment I’ve reached is that I excel at procrastination.  The following occurred when I finally settled on something I definitely wish to write about:

I decided that I would like to write about Robotron 64, and why it holds the position of #1 game on the Nintendo 64 for me.  I managed to convince myself that in order to do that I would need to add an N64 to my humble console collection.  Not just any N64 mind… I already own a PAL copy of Robotron, (presently my only N64 cart) and my flatmate has a PAL console that he would happily let me use.  However it seemed of paramount importance that I don’t settle for heinous composite output, I absolutely must be playing in RGB…

So now I await the arrival of a recently purchased Japanese N64.  When it arrives I shall be modding to also play US games (this is easy) and attempting to mod for RGB output (this is harder, and incredibly likely to end in tears).  Supposing I actually manage to get this to work, I will then need to acquire either an import adapter to play PAL games on the machine, or buy an NTSC copy of Robotron.  All of which needs to happen before I expect to actually write about it.

Maybe I should have found something else to write about.  Maybe.  I am more concerned that this is about me, and that this kind of thing is likely to happen more.  I’m already thinking that I’d be much more motivated to blog if only I had a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet…

This could get expensive quickly.  Oh well, at least I’ll have something clear to write about if I do kill the N64 with my soldering iron.

5 thoughts on “The difficult second blog post…*

  1. gladewine

    Hey! Every start is hard, Ive learned it a few months ago when I started writing my own blog about mobile gaming. It has its ups and downs, especially if you do it as a hobby and not as a professional blogger. Procrastination, lack of motivation or creativity, these will always be there, but overcoming these issues will definitely be a good feeling. Keep up the good work!

  2. Martin Watts

    I think you mostly stayed on topic! My advice would be to get an NTSC version of Robotron 64. I’m not sure if the PAL version runs slower (though I’m assuming that it does), but more importantly, having to fiddle around with adaptors can be bothersome. That and if it really is the best N64 games, then you should have no qualms buying a second copy! 😛

    Good work, buddy!

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